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9 Awesome Examples of How We Influance Our Brains

Scientists are constantly trying to figure out our brains. They want to know how it really works. They have made quite of discoveries on their road and we wanted to show you some of the most interesting ones.

If You Don’t Sleep, You Don’t Remember

Scientists have proven that a lack of sleep can make your memory worse and even cause Alzheimer’s. As you sleep during the night, brain cells remove all the toxic elements which are dangerous for your brain. Longer a person doesn’t get a good sleep, the more devastating effects will have on its brain.

Don’t Stress, You Will Damage Your Brain

Prolonged stress causes a decrease in memory, concentration, self-control, etc. And additionally, a person feels irritated, distracted with eventual anxiety attacks, etc.

Love/ Hate – What Is The Difference?

By scanning brain waves, British scientists discovered that brain acts the same when you feel love and when you feel the hatred… But when you feel love your areas for judgment and logical thinking are compromised.

Brain Likes Water, It Doesn’t Like Dehydration

Our molecules are mostly water, and our brain is mostly, well almost 80% water. If you don’t drink enough water, you can’t be concentrated, and it eventually leads to the deterioration of the short term memory and other cognitive functions.

Brain and Pregnancy

Pregnancy reduces the amount of gray matter in the brain. And that in areas which are responsible for social cognition and the ability to understand people. That kind of “strange” behavior is due to the necessary mother-baby connection. Mother must know all the needs of a baby.

Lots of Sugar – Bad Memory

Lots of sugar in your diet can slow your brain down and make it tough for you to learn and remember. That is because sugar can and will destroy neural connections in the brain.

It is even worse when you eat industrial sugar which is almost always added to soft drinks, sauces, baby food, etc. But, if you eat products rich with omega-3 fatty acids (fish, nuts…) you remove all the consequences produced by that sugar.

Romantic Love and Love From Your Mother Are Very Similar

Researchers have proven that romantic relationship has a lot in common with maternal feelings. Passionate love activates the part of the brain responsible for sexual arousal. In the same moment, you lose fear and anxiety, and you are happy. Maternal love activates the area responsible for your ability to love.

If You Paint, You Train Your Brain

One study has shown that painting and creating in general, improve the interaction between brain areas.

Reading is The Best Training For Your Brain

Scientists proved that reading helps you improve the cognitive abilities of the brain. And it also activates some other areas which are not used a lot of time or all the time. When you read, you improve concentration and cognition. That same effect doesn’t occur while playing games or watching TV. That is probably the “consequence” of imagination. When you watch TV or play games, you don’t have to think about anything. You listen, watch and maybe improve your reflexes. While reading, you have to imagine every single picture, described inside the text.

March 13, 2018 8:00 am