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9 Cops Sit Down In Her Section At Red Robin, Then Waitress Realizes Something Is VERY Wrong…

If you’ve ever been to a Red Robin restaurant, you know that this is the place that people go when they want a fantastic burger, maybe a drink or two, and want to unwind after an especially stressful day. Heck, when I was a teenager I worked in a mall that had a Red Robin, and half my paycheck was spent on dinners there after I got off work!

So, to see a group of 9 police officers walk in for lunch wasn’t surprising, after all, who has a more stressful job?! But here’s the thing, their waitress knows a thing or two about how hard police work is, because her father was a retired policeman, himself. Because of this, she could tell that something wasn’t sitting well with this group, and she asked them about it.

It turns out that they weren’t taking a lunch break from work, they had all just been at a funeral for one of their own – a police officer named Steven Smith who had been shot during a standoff.

Officer Smith left behind his wife and kids, along with his comrades. They were mourning the loss of a family member, and I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered where they ended up to eat – they just needed to go out together.

The waitress, Jessica Dunbar, listened to their stories, and understood their pain well. When she brought the check to the table at the end of the meal, it was already taken care of! Jessica had paid it in full and left them a note letting them know she appreciated the hard work they put in to protect the citizens, everyday.

It was just a small kindness, but if you know someone who puts their life on the line everyday to protect other people, buying them lunch is a wonderful gesture – thanks Jessica!

July 9, 2018 11:46 am