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Haddy Racks “Come Back Your Way” ft. Audemus M.Eye [Official Video]



About Us


Founded In November of 2012 IMADEUFAMOUS was created to provide a stage for talented individuals to showcase their talents.
(IMF) provides a platform for visual expression, social interaction and communication.

IMADEUFAMOUS is a social media site featuring celebrity news and gossip around the world, sports pics and much more. This site was created by U, this site is apart of everything U stand for and what U want to become, how your video is viewed is based on how U express yourself, so as U grow within your expression we as a site grow with U.

IMF.COM is a digital media website that allows people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. (IMF) also allows people to connect, inform and inspire others throughout the world.

IMADEUFAMOUS creates a stage for artist, models, fashion designers, and news people to share their original work. (IMf) presents distribution for original content creators and ADVERTISERS LARGE AND SMALL.
IMADEUFAMOUS welcomes the globe. Send in your talents, advertise your company or just browse listen to music, watch videos and leave comments.

IMF wants U to enjoy your time on our website, explore and discover new things we appreciate U. come join the movement.