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Atlanta Falcons Receiver Mohamed Sanu Goes VIRAL . . . After Pics Of ‘PAWG’ Girlfriend Leak!!

Atlanta Falcons receiver Mohamed Sanu is a very low key guy – not anymore. He’s now getting MILLIONS of views of social media – after pics of him and his new girlfriend leak. His new girlfriend is being called a “PAWG” on social media. A PAWG is an acronym – meaning thick azz White girl.

The pics turned up when Mohamed set his new Instagram account off private. Before he let his fans in – no one knew for certain who he dated. Well now it’s clear . . . and fans are interested.

His new girlfriend, who is a very pretty and voluptuous model, is a model. And she’s getting a LOT more attention now that she’s linked to the longtime NFL player.

July 22, 2018 11:00 am