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‘Basketball Wives’ Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal Confirms Who Will & Won’t Return for Season 7

The most recent season of “Basketball Wives” had no shortage of popcorn-gobbling-worthy moments.

Obviously, many of them revolved around the Evelyn Lozada-Jackie Christie battle, in which the two of them often bickered about Jackie’s daughter, Ta’Kari Lee.

Oh and Jackie also clashed with Shaunie O’Neal, which led many to question her future on the reality show.

Jackie felt pretty confident about her status not too long ago though, judging by her interview with the Breakfast Club; she had claimed she wasn’t going anywhere.

And…she was right. Shaunie has confirmed that she wants Jackie back next season. Hm.

Jackie had threatened Evelyn’s life on multiple occasions and her drinking had gotten a bit, um, out of hand. At one point, her future was so up-in-the-air that Jackie was retweeting tweets that urged VH1 to not send her packing.Her little social media plan apparently worked though, since the amount of support she received seemed to put Evelyn and Shaunie in defense mode.

Plus, let’s be honest, her nuttiness adds plenty of pizzazz to the plotlines. Right?

“First of all, she’s Crazy Jackie and we need a crazy somebody”. Hahaah.

“I really want Jackie to come back. I do. Is Jackie a lot of work? Yes. Does Jackie get on my last nerves sometimes, yes. But I love her. She’s as sweet as can be. She does not mean to be what you guys see. Is it 100 percent real? Yes. But I think so many years… I get it. That’s who she is. You just kind of love people at their level. I just want to see if we can kind of fix it and maybe fix it on the show. Maybe help her be better.”

Shaunie also said that Saniy’yah, Aja & Cristen Metoyer, Keonna and Brandi are out. Boo hoo.

Tami Roman, Jennifer Williams, Hazel Renee and Bonnie-Jill Laflin are all returning. Malaysia Pargo is still a “question mark”.

Malaysia Pargo sat down with VH1 for an exclusive interview about this past season of Basketball Wives. Along with speaking about her TRUE FEELINGS about Evelyn’s return, Malaysia also spoke on Shaunie’s comment about having no substance and why some of the LA girls should have been on the show #BBW #BASKETBALLWIVES #malaysiapargo #celebrities #celebritynews #celebritygossip #vh1basketballwives #vh1basketballwivesla #evelynlozada #shaunieoneal #tamiroman #blogger #blogpost

But what about Evelyn though?! Ah. Who do we talk to about this?

A post shared by Evelyn Lozada (@evelynlozada) on

Well, at least Tami is coming back. She cracks us up, even though we sometimes feel bad about that fact.

September 11, 2017 8:48 am