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Boyfriend takes plea deal after killing girlfriend in front of her kids in Harris County

Albee Lewis takes plea deal in death of his girlfriend. (KTRK)


Finally, Ashanti Hunter’s family feels like they have justice.

On Wednesday, Hunter’s ex-boyfriend pleaded guilty to killing her in front of her three children last year.

Hunter’s mother, Debra Wright, couldn’t hold back tears as she took the stand and faced Albee Lewis.

She considered “Turkey,” as she called Lewis, like her own son.

In a prepared letter, she expressed how Lewis destroyed her family and caused permanent mental and emotional damage to Hunter’s children.

Ashanti Hunter’s family is grieving after her life ended in a violent shooting

When asked, Lewis admitted to shooting and killing Hunter in 2017 as her kids, one of whom is his biological daughter, watched in the car.

According to family, it was the culmination of years of domestic violence, which none of them ever saw coming.

May 3, 2018 6:22 pm