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Camron’s EX JuJu Has A New BOYFRIEND . . . And She’s Now . . . Dating A RAPPER!!!

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I.M.F Just Been Snoopping around and we Just Got sum Scoop, and We can CONFIRM that Cam’rom’s es JuJu got herself a new man . . . ad he’s a rapper.
According to our TOP SNITCHES, JuJu is currently dating SAFAREE from Love And Hip Hop. The pair hooked up ON CAMERA this season, and are now OFFICIALLY A COUPLE.

Our insider explained, “JuJu didn’t want to tell anyone, because she was hoping to get back together with Cam . . . but now the sh*t is out. They got them on tape for [Love And Hip Hop].”

Here was them on the last episode of Love And Hip Hop:

January 9, 2018 10:41 pm