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Colorado May Consider Decriminalizing Shrooms

Colorado paved the way for marijuana, when it became the first state (with Washington) to legalize for recreational use. Now, the state is bringing in massive amounts of dollars in tax revenue.

According to reports, Colorado is considering the notion of decriminalizing psilocybin — aka magic mushrooms or ‘shrooms.

According to ABC News Denver7, the group Denver for Psilocybin is currently lobbying for the chance to gather enough signatures to put ‘shrooms on the ballot in the fall.

The group met with city leaders this past week to discuss the possibility of decriminalizing the drug, which is currently listed as a Schedule I drug, citing its potential medical and therapeutical uses.

“There’s a lot of research [that magic mushrooms are good] for all sorts of mental health issues. Everything from anxiety to depression to cluster headaches, addiction,” Tyler Williams, one of the leaders of Denver for Psilocybin, told the news channel.

Williams also added that he is a prime example of the healing powers of magic mushrooms. “I had a suicide attempt November 12 of 2015, and I think it helped me get out of my depression, and it’s helped me with my PTSD,” he said.

For now, the group is only advocating for decriminalization, which would not make ‘shrooms legal for recreational use and instead reduce the penalty for possession of the mushrooms.

A study last October from Imperial College London found that psilocybin could “reset” the brains of people suffering from certain kinds of depression.

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March 12, 2018 8:04 am