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This Dad Killed His 14-Years-old Son Because He Was Gay! You Wont BELIEVE What He Said Next!

It is the eighth murder that took place in Henderson, Nevada, this year. But particularly this one has spooky aspects: it was the father himself who shot the murder weapon against his son, killing him for being a homosexual.

Wendell Melton, 53, was arrested after he murdered his son Giovanni 14-Year- Old after a tough dispute they had inside their property in that city of the US state. According to the first reports, both began the discussion when the minor told his father that he had a boyfriend. Enraged and blinded by what his son revealed, he shot him to death. Giovanni was rushed to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, where he was finally pronounced dead.

“I hated the fact that his son was homosexual, I’m sure that in his head he preferred a dead son to a gay son,” said Sonia Jones, the adoptive mother who had been in charge of Giovanni years ago, The New reported. York Post Days before, the woman herself revealed, the father had placed a gun over his son’s head on the same subject. “I hope he never sees the sun again,” he said of the killer.

According to the Henderson Police Department report, the agents went to Melton’s home after a call alerted him to disturbances in the house. Upon arriving they saw a spooky scene: little Giovanni with a shot and in critical condition. His father, Wendell, was immediately arrested. He was charged under the charges of simple homicide, child abuse and illegal possession of weapons.

Giovanni’s friends remembered him as an energetic and full of life young man. “I had a lot to live for,” said Bailey Schultz, a fellow at Coronado High School, where the child was attending.

November 8, 2017 3:40 pm