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Have A Dollar Bill Like This? You’re About To Become A Lot Richer — Here’s What You Need To Know

Check your pockets because your $1 bills may be worth more than you think.

Cool Serial Numbers is a website for those interested in building up their collection of bills with interesting serial numbers. The site looks for bills with eight-digit serial numbers that have interesting patterns.

According to, certain patterns can fetch a large sum. Some things to look for include numbers that are all the same, like 55555555; numbers that go up or down, like 23456789; bills with the serial number 00000100 or lower; bills with the serial number 99999900 or higher; palindrome numbers, like 12344321; pairs of numbers that repeat four times, like 89898989; bills with a double quad pattern, like 66663333; and bills with seven numbers the same in a row.

An eBay search reveals that one so-called “fancy bill” is currently selling for $1,000. The bill’s serial number is 11223344 and the seller calls it a “perfect ladder in pairs.”

Another bill with the number 99999878 is currently on the market for almost $200.

The for sale page on the Cool Serial Numbers website also shows how much people are willing to pay for bills with interesting serial numbers. A $1 bill with the low number of 00000003 is currently being offered for $1,000.

“The prices on my web site are representative of the current market,” Dave Undis, the website’s owner, told in an email.

The website also has a “wanted section” with a list of serial numbers that Undis or other collectors would be willing to pay a hefty sum for. The website notes that they are not interested in coins or any bills that are not U.S. currency.

If you think you have a bill that meets these criteria, you can ask the Cool Serial Numbers to appraise your bill and they can tell you how much you could sell it for.

July 11, 2017 9:49 am