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Joseline Hernandez Says Reality Shows Give Drugs To Cast Members

Plenty of people have voiced their suspicions about Joseline Hernandez’s possible drug use throughout the years.

Her ex-beau Stevie J even accused her of using drugs while she was pregnant with their daughter, Bonnie Bella. Court documents reportedly stated that he told the judge that she would continue to use after she gave birth.

She has denied this though.

Last week, Kathy Griffin claimed Bravo producer Andy Cohen offered her cocaine before an episode of Watch What Happens Live. Oh and Andy tried to shoot this down already. He tweeted, “I am completely stunned by this story”.

“It is 100% false and totally made up.”

Guess who is on Kathy’s side though?

Joseline recently opened up about the controversy and drug use; the reality star popped into the comment section of FreddyO’s Instagram page to toss in her two cents.

“Why she act like this is new,” she wrote.“All the reality shows give cast members drugs alcohol and they tell you who to beat up too [sic].”

That’s a bit rich coming from her, isn’t it?

Indeed, this supposed revelation may lead many to wonder whether this is just the latest strike from Joseline in her pretty public battle with Mona Scott-Young.

The feud has its root in…money. What else? Joseline has stated that she has yet to receive a check for her work on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline’s Special Delivery.

“Ya owe me money. Ya didn’t even obey by the contract. You owe me $150,000 and counting.”

Since leaving the series, she has raised concerns about the way that people of color are portrayed by Mona, explaining, “Your show will never elevate because you’re always trying to downplay colored people. And Mona you should do better than that cause you Haitian. You supposed to be one of us but you stay trying to downplay us.”

Joseline also believes that the show will fail without her – as She said that much the other day, telling TVone’s Sister Circle, she was the one “holding the ship down”.

November 2, 2017 8:24 pm