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Haddy Racks “Come Back Your Way” ft. Audemus M.Eye [Official Video]


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Kanye West Debates Trump With T.I. on New Track ‘Ye Vs. The People’

Earlier tonight, Kanye trolled everyone with a weirdo track, “Lift Yourself”, that was a bunch of samples and sounds.

But then he hit Power 106 in LA and dropped a legit song in which he and T.I. debate ‘Ye’s controversial Trump support.

“I know Obama was Heaven-sent/But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President,” Kanye raps.

“Yeah you can, at what cost though?/Don’t that go against the teachings that Ye taught for?” T.I. responds.

“Yo T.I.P., I hear your side and everybody talk though/But ain’t goin’ against the grain everything I fought for?” Yeezy says.

You can check all the lyrics here and listen to the song below:

The CDQ version available HERE!
[Update: Kanye shares the making of this record via his website]

May 1, 2018 8:00 pm