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Kim Kardashian Gets Backlash for “Feminist Kimojis” on National Women’s Day

In celebration of National Women’s Day, Kim Kardashian dropped some new “feminist” Kimoijs.. and people are NOT havin’ it.

The reality star posted news of the “feminist” emojis on social media this week, announcing that her new Kimojis have officially been launched on the App Store.

Some of the new Kimojis carry phrases like “Slay In Your Lane”, Grab America Back”, and “The Future is Nasty, Nasty, Nasty.” There’s even one designed to look like Kim’s infamous nude selfie with the black censor bars that read “My Body” and “My Choice.”

The internet wasn’t feeling the emoji drop though, and took to social media to sound off.

Aside from Kim claiming she is a feminist when she has previously stated otherwise, many have an issue with the multi-millionaire selling the Kimojis for $2.99. People believe they should be free or the profits should be given to a women’s charity. Some proposed ideas as to what Kim should do with all of the money.

Kim Kardashian should donate the money she makes from her feminist kimoji pack to a charity that supports women/women’s rights rather than pocket it. Didn’t she wanna get involved in helping planned parenthood? Now is her chance!!! Just saying!!!!

— onnalise (@starshollowed) March 7, 2018

There were a few positive comments, of course, given she has millions and millions of followers. The majority of Kimoji feedback has been negative, some women believe shaming Kim is the wrong route.

Following all of the backlash, Kim took to her App to explain “how she deals with haters.”

Coincidence? We think not.

March 12, 2018 7:58 am