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Man Goes for a 3 A.M. Walk, Never Expected to Find 2-Year-Old Girl All Alone on the Street

It was 3 am when Solomon Jones stepped outside and started to walk down the street in Memphis, TN when he spotted something no one would have believed. He saw a 2-year-old girl walking alone in the street – in the cold. Jones quickly reached for her and tried to find her home. But, being so early in the morning, there wasn’t much he could do – so, he called the police.

The police arrived and were able to return the child to her frightened parents. According to the mother, her daughter was being watched by a friend the night she ended up wandering the streets alone. Some people slammed Jones for calling the police – but what choice did he have?

Take a look at this video

No doubt, Jones was a hero and a Good Samaritan that night. Had he not acted, who knows what would have happened to that little girl. Share away, people.

July 25, 2018 9:36 am