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Man Records His Wife In Bed With His Boss And Faces 15 Years In Prison!

Sean Donis faces up to 15 years in prison for following his wife to her lover’s apartment, paving the place and recording them while having sex.

This mocked husband has been accused of illegal surveillance and arbitrary entry into that property, charges of which he has pleaded not guilty, and must appear in court on September 20.

The incident took place in Clifton (New Jersey, United States) in April 2016. Nancy Donis asked her husband to take care of the son they have in common because he was going to dine with his friends in a nearby town in the same state.

When Sean Donis could not find the child’s iPad, he activated a function to find the device and found that he was on his way to Rockland County (New York), in the opposite direction to the place his wife said he was going.

The man asked his mother to take care of his grandson and followed the signal to a house. Upon entering, he found his spouse having intimate relations with his boss, Albert Lopez, and recorded two videos.

In the first one, one sees how the lovers lie together until the cameraman expresses his indignation; in the second, the lovers cover themselves with sheets while the aggrieved shouts “Everything is in video!” and “I can not believe you, Nancy!”, who asks him to stop recording while Lopez orders him to leave his house.

Nancy Donis filed for divorce and the marriage, which lasted six years, was dissolved last February.

Before this judicial process, Sean Donis considers that “what they are doing is unjust” because it is “as if they punished me twice”.

December 6, 2017 3:38 pm