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Is it normal that I haven’t had a fever for almost 7 years?

When you are needing to detoxify, your body produces a fever to heat it up and clear out the plaque and congestion. If your “heaters” your body temperature, blood pressure, are not functioning well, and you would know ,because you would have cold hands and feet, and a low body temperature, you would far less experience fever to more mild detoxification like common colds and flu.

Similarly, if you were not experiencing a need to detoxify and your thyroid was working well: not the case for most people today on the SAD diet, medicated, and lacking exercise, you would be just fine not having a fever if, considering you were healthy you had no need for one. I haven’t had one for at least that amount of time.

I wrote a book detailing step by step about how to detoxify and power up your thyroid gland, your “heaters” energy, and that equates to your body temperature, blood pressure, etc, Detox & Heal Your Thyroid, (Amazon), or ebook on my website. Takes people step by step on how to restore their general and thyroid health. Work I have done with detoxification over 30 years now.

March 10, 2018 1:40 pm