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This Old Pill Bottle May Look Like Trash, But It Could Save Your Life. I’m Doing This Tonight!

My family is constantly talking about survival kits and the things that we would need in an emergency. That said, there’s one key to our family discussions that make them different from most. My family exclusively talking about survival and emergency kits in the context of a zombie outbreak. It’s done in good humor, and it’s a good way to engage the youngest in the family in the conversation. Anyway, here’s small survival kit that will be a life saver for you in any emergency — zombie or otherwise!

All you need is a pill bottle, really.

Get yourself one of those mini LED flashlights; they’re easy to come by.

You’ll also need matches.

You should consider attaching a tiny strike strip to the lid of the pill bottle with some glue.

While you’re at it, grab a mini lighter. You never know.

A piece of candy. Mostly to raise your spirits in an emergency.

Aluminum foil, you’d be amazed by the things it can do.

Safety pins, they can help a lot with simple medical necessities. (For what it’s worth, I’d also grab some bobby pins. Those are endlessly useful.)

Sanitizing wipes, in case anyone gets a cut or scrape.

Along with that, you can put some antibacterial ointment into a straw and seal the ends. This is an ingenious way to help with portability.

Since we’re on the medical section of the list, get fabric bandages. Seriously.

Gathered all your objects? Great, now organize them into the bottle.

There you go! You’re now the proud owner of an emergency kit that would make even zombie survivalists jealous!

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February 13, 2018 8:00 am