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The One Thing That Forced Bobby Brown To Finally Stop Using Heroin

The One Thing That Forced Bobby Brown To Finally Stop Using Heroin

Bobby’s used several drugs in his day, but the most hardcore was heroin. He revealed the one thing that absolutely scared him and FINALLY made him quit heroin completely.

A few years ago before Whitney passed away, Bobby decided to write a tell-all book that was never published. In his book, he reveals everything about his sex life, finance problems, Whitney and his major drug problems – especially with heroin. He said he actually died three times and had to be resuscitated. In fact, the incident that caused him to quit heroin altogether was one of those life threatening strokes. His worse time occurred in 2001 after getting high all day and hitting the floor. He fell unconscious (overdosed) and Whitney had to dial 911. He said that stroke not only caused his heart to stop, it was the most severe stroke that left his mouth crooked and every time he would talk, his lips turned sideways. He said that was when he made a deal with God and said that if he would pull through, he would decide to NEVER use heroin again.

In his book he states, “There were nights when I was so strung out on heroin that I would be unconscious for hours. I’d just sit in the chair and nod off. I might sit for hours and nod. Sometimes, it would take an entire day for me to regain my consciousness.”

It’s clear to see that Bobby and Whitney really loved each other throughout their fourteen-year marriage, but it’s public knowledge (especially after that “Whitney” biopic, which was better than I thought it would have been by the way) that they had some rough patches. Bobby’s said several times that he never used hard drugs before meeting Whitney and that she used drugs before they were involved. “I worried about it when…we first got together until I tried it,” he said. “And when I tried it, for some reason, I have an addictive personality.”

Back in 2005, on his reality show “Being Bobby Brown,” a spotlight was placed on he and Whitney’s relationship. Although it was clear that they definitely loved each other, Bobby said that show was a “wake-up, because we were able to see what others were saying about us…And I saw that our drug use had affected our relationship, had affected the love we felt for each other.”

It’s no secret that drugs weren’t Bobby’s only problems. He had plenty while on heroin. For instance: The IRS became interested in Brown’s finances. When he was in trouble, “Whitney stepped in and we made a deal on my mansion in Atlanta,” he was quoted saying to an interviewer. “The bank was trying to foreclose on it and Whitney bailed me out. I ended up doing a little trick where I sold the house to her and we ended up being able to pull equity out of the house.”

Thank goodness he’s off that stuff. Now all we need is for Bobby to get his health back at 100% because these New Edition shows are definitely off the hook, but it’s always good seeing all 6 members on that stage, showing these youngins how it’s really done, but I digress. Regardless of any of our opinions about Bobby, there’s no denying that the man is a very talented artist. Addiction of any kind- especially heroin addiction, isn’t easy to kick, so we applaud Bobby B. for kicking his heroin habit. Hopefully he’ll stay focused on what’s really important- his kids, his career, his family- and never fall victim to that again.

December 4, 2017 7:55 am