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Parents In Tears, Watch Helplessly As Cop Takes Their Son

Police cruisers, and even policemen themselves, are now outfitted with cameras to keep officers accountable for their actions. So, when Officer Chase Miller responded to a 911 call requesting help at a KFC restaurant in Granbury, Texas, there was no question as to why the cop immediately grabbed a 3-year-old boy out of his mom’s arms. The car’s dash-cam footage captured every single agonizing second of the tragic situation as it unfolded. The boy’s parents were in tears, but the Granbury Police Department support the officer’s actions, and they wouldn’t change a single thing he did that day.

Officer Miller got the call around 7:00 pm and arrived to a sight he’d never forget. 21-year-old Bethany Hoover was clutching her son’s limp body in her arms, desperately crying out for help. The boy’s father, John Geis, was trying to hug and comfort his girlfriend as they watched little Brayden’s life slowly slip away. This is every parent’s worst nightmare, but as soon as Officer Miller pulled into the parking lot, he grabbed the boy out of mom’s hands, gently laid him on the ground, and immediately began to perform CPR.

There are no words to even describe what mom and dad must be feeling as the seconds tick by. This is real life at its worst, and its best, possible moment. Were it not for the final outcome, it’s probably something that would be too painful to see. As you watch the expression on their faces turn from anguish to hope, see them helplessly bent over in prayer, you’ll understand what it truly means to step out of the darkness into the light. Have a box of tissues handy, because when you watch the harrowing action unfold in the video below, you’ll be overcome with the same emotions as everyone else who witnessed the miraculous scene.

July 9, 2018 11:39 am