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Pusha T Addresses Drake Beef In Newly Published Interview

Vulture published an interview with Pusha T this afternoon.

In it, he addressed the smoke that he knew would be coming from Drake and his camp after he jabbed at Drizzy on the DAYTONA track “Infrared.”

What’s notable about the interview is it took place right before Drake responded with “Duppy”. Here’s Push on why he started back with Drake, and what he’s ready to do to defend his “truth.”

I want to ask about “Infrared.” There’s a lot of Drake fans asking “Why is he doing this again?” I told a lot of them that you have to remember that Drake got at him. And what you have to do is you have to respond to the guy whenever you get the chance to. Does it annoy you that people feel like you’re pushing a point with him when he’s actually playing into it as much as you are?

I don’t even look at it that deep. I mean, I don’t care what people say. Again, he spoke his truth. He said whatever he felt on “Two Birds, One Stone.” He thought that he questioned my authenticity to the streets …

Which is ironic.
Which is … [shakes his head in bemusement] And it’s fine. It’s fine. But I feel like … If you’re gonna question me, now I have to question authenticity, and what I feel it is that you claim. You claim a lot of music superiority. You run the charts, for sure. You got it, bro. [thumbs up] Got it, homeboy. [laughs] But, I have to question the authenticity of it when you get into the idea of skill set and what you do, off of what I’ve heard publicly. I’m not reaching for this, this is not my — This is out there, this is public knowledge. It’s fine. But, you know, I know, we know. But, I have to question that. I have to.

Are you ready for all that warfare all summer? Because, that record …

I’m ready for everything that comes with it. Everything. And we gonna deal in truths. If that’s what we gonna do, and that’s what we really, really, wanna deal in, let’s deal in real truths. Because, I feel like I was questioned. My truth was questioned, and I’m gonna deal in truths all summer long. If everybody wanna deal in that, then I have no problem with that, I think it’s great. Think the world needs truth.
Some have said that Push has already lost because it’s been almost four days since “Duppy” and he hasn’t hit Drake back.

As you can see in the Vulture interview, the former Clipse member thought that he was ready for whatever before “Duppy” dropped. Do you think he still has something left to make it a summer of war or did Drake’s quick attack leave him paralyzed?

May 29, 2018 11:10 pm