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Rampant Booty In YG’s ‘Pop It, Shake It’ Has Everyone Saying ‘Tip Drill’

YG tapped into the ancient T&A formula for the visuals to his track ‘Pop It, Shake It.’

Given that the ultra-explicit video for the DJ Mustard featured track has a lot more A than T, it reminded everybody of Nelly’s notorious ‘Tip Drill’ video.

YG made our generation of the Tip Drill video

Nelly’s visuals kicked up a lot of controversy in 2000. But it’s harder to shock in 2017. What do you think of YG’s effort to titillate?

A bunch of card board booties and no credit card swipe?? Don’t compare YG’s video to Tip Drill

*Gets on Twitter & sees a wannabe Tip Drill trending*

Had to bring the REAL Tip Drill back cuz YG tried it

May 14, 2017 10:38 am