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Rapper Cam’ron Says “My Man Had Bosh Wifey” Too, Proves He’s Classless as Lil Wayne

Chris Bosh and Chris Bosh’s wife on their wedding day.

Chris Bosh and Chris Bosh’s wife on their wedding day.

Whether Lil Wayne is actually persona non grata at the American Airlines Arena remains a mystery.

What is certain, however, is that Weezy is a classless, kiss-and-tellin’ fool who has fallen so far off the cultural-relevancy radar that only a childish rant about a professional basketball team and one of its star players’ wives could generate the type of media buzz he has so desperately craved since people stopped giving a shit about him.

No one, however, has ever given a real shit about pop-hop MC Cam’ron.

Still, the 15-year veteran of musical mediocrity (“Hey Ma”), like Pétit Wayne, has wormed his way into the gossip columns via Adrienne Bosh.

“My man @Britishthetitan been had Bosh wifey under wing b4 Wayne,” Cam’ron alleges underneath an old photo of Mrs. Bosh posted on the MC’s Instagram page. “She use to be pissy drunk in my club in da Cincinnati.”
Evidently, washed-up rappers and their no-name bodyguards hang onto the past because their present is remarkably bleak and their futures seem even worse.

Before becoming Mrs. Chris Bosh, Adrienne “Short Stack” Williams was a model. And, unsurprisingly, she met other dudes — shitty ones, it appears — whom she, according to Global Grind, might or might not have slept with. Consenting adults do these things.

But narrow-minded children trapped in grown men’s bodies hang onto alleged sexual experiences like they’re the friggin’ Holy Grail and unnecessarily boast about women they slept with way back in the day.

Forget for a minute about the Heat Nation or the fact that Chris Bosh is one of the nicest dudes in the NBA. Shit, even forget about the fact that he’s married to a beautiful woman who’s the proud mother to their 9-month-old son.

What Weezy and Cam’ron are saying about Mrs. Bosh, true or not, is trashy. They’re trashy. And if you don’t think so, you’re probably trashy too.

December 2, 2017 10:51 am