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Safaree Samuels Sets Record Straight After Being Tricked By Ray J To Admit Affair With Lyrica


The most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood was another messy one.

Ray J seems to have fooled Safaree Samuels into confessing that, not only did he hook up with A1’s wife Lyrica, but he also sent her nude pictures and flirty messages.

“In order for them to get back on lock, she admitted it,” Ray J lied.

“So, she said, me and her…” Safaree responded, before Ray J added, “You know you smashed. What did you do?”

“Like I didn’t mean for it to happen, it’s just we be talking and we were supposed to get on a song,” Safaree revealed.

“Why did you do that? I thought you would deny it, deny it and I could clear your name… Lyrica really didn’t admit it, but I just needed to know for myself,” Ray replied, shocked

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Ray J questions Safaree about him and Lyrica. #LHHH #LHHHollywood #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopHollywood #RealityTV

Well, Safaree is claiming that this wasn’t as definitive as it appeared to be as he took to Twitter to let everyone know he didn’t confirm the affair and that the truth will be confirmed soon.

“And I still didn’t answer… you’ll get the answer soon,” he tweeted.

He also responded to a fan who wrote, “You just look guilty but I believe you didn’t smash!”, saying, “Just kee [sic] watching ”

Safaree followed this up by (jokingly?) pitching a new series concept, writing, “Me and Ray J created 1 of the most monumental memorable moments on @loveandhiphop history FACTS .. me and ray need a show asap would you watch??”.


Anyway, back to all of the cheating drama.

After K. Michelle spilled the beans about the alleged infidelity during the season’s premiere episode. A1 was shaken to the max by the thought that Lyrica may have stepped out on their marriage.

“If somebody accused me of something, and I knew it wasn’t true, I’d be able to laugh it off. But the louder that Lyrica’s getting is making me feel like she actually did something,” A1 explained.

Lyrica added fuel to the fire by whipping out her phone (at A1’s request) to try to prove that nothing was going on between her and Safaree. But she had deleted all of her messages with him.

A1 previously confronted Safaree about the supposed affair in a parking lot. While things got a bit out of hand and physical, he never outwardly admitted that they had fooled around. He didn’t deny it either though, though he also declared, “[Women] like me… It is what it is.”

Will you keep tuning in to see how this shakes out? Or are you already over it? (And would Lyrica possibly carrying Safaree’s unborn baby change your mind?

August 12, 2018 9:20 pm