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Suge Knight Explains How He & 2Pac Made Puff Daddy Associate Drink 20 Shots Of Piss

The inter-costal beef between Death Row and Bad Boy cost the rap game two of its GOATs.

But 2Pac and Biggie weren’t the only casualties of the war. The BET miniseries Death Row Chronicles explains how the death of Suge Knight’s friend Jake Robles in Atlanta escalated things.

Suge believed Puffy had something to do with Robles’ death. So he and 2Pac grabbed Diddy associate Mark Anthony Bell, who had foolishly attended Death Row’s 1995 Christmas Party in the Hollywood Hills.

They took Bell upstairs and told him they were going to beat him until he told them where Puffy’s family house in Los Angeles is.

Bell didn’t want to do that. So Suge got nasty.

“He might have got a few punches, and he probably drank about 2o shots of piss. You know what I mean? Literally,” Suge bragged in an interview.

Check out the clip below:

Do you think that really happened?

March 12, 2018 8:26 am