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Teen Called “Obnoxious” by News Anchors For Getting Full Rides to 20 Colleges

Twitter had to drag another set of news anchors for racist coverage recently. Fox News anchors called Michael Brown “obnoxious” after a video of him celebrating his acceptance into 20 of the top schools in America went viral.

According to the anchors, applying to 20 schools is over the top in the first place, and now Brown has taken spots from other deserving teenagers. The Fox 5 DC anchor suggested Brown’s success story “sparked the discussion of how many schools you should apply to.”

Brown currently has a 4.68 GPA and his SAT score is a whopping 1540 out of 1600, so he is deserving of all 20 full-tuition scholarships he has been awarded. Apparently, Twitter agrees too.

Fox News has been caught in the cross-hairs before for racist commentary, but this time, they were drug across the internet for slandering unrecognizable black excellence. Meanwhile, Brown remains humble, telling the local news station, “I think the bigger picture is that it matters because other kids can do it, too. Other kids can be successful, Other kids can achieve regardless of [their] backgrounds.”

For now, we all have until May 1st to see which school Michael Brown decides to enroll that excellence.

April 14, 2018 10:57 am