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WARNING: If You Eat This For Breakfast It May Really Harm Your Health

One of the most consumed breakfast may be detrimental to your health. A Brooklyn man, Lewis Daly, filed a lawsuit against Quaker Oats. The reason behind this lawsuit is that the oatmeal comes with a carcinogenic substance known as glyphosate.

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is an active ingredient in Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup. This ingredient is doused on genetically engineered crops. These crops contain a large dose of glyphosate, which can be detrimental to our health. There are many health conditions and diseases which can be caused by this pesticide, such as systemic toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

Quaker Oats 1-Minute Product

PepsiCo is the owner of Quaker Oats. The company claims that all their products are grown, produced and harvested by responsible methods and that all the products are free from the herbicide. Moreover, they label this breakfast as 100% natural.

He filed the suit because testing of Quaker Oats 1-Minute product showed trace amounts of glyphosate. Additionally, it demands refunds for the customers and it is insisted that the company should stop using glyphosate. The major reason for the suit is false advertising.

Daly is outraged by the claim that the Quaker Oats 1-Minute Product is completely natural. Independent testing of this particular product showed that it has 4% of the allowable limit, which is below the minimal levels of EPA.

Glyphosate, or commonly known as weedkiller, the company uses it in the cultivation of the crops but also the company uses it as a drying agent. This pesticide is sprayed on the oats shortly before harvest. The World Health Organization declared glyphosate as a carcinogen.

Moreover, the notorious Monsanto is facing a large number of lawsuits for this particular pesticide. The lawsuits claim that the exposure to glyphosate could cause cancer and other serious illnesses or injuries. However, Monsanto claims that the Roundup is harmless to humans and animals. The reason behind this claim is that the mechanism used, which is called shikimate, is absent in all animals. However, this mechanism is present in bacteria and this can harm the health of both humans and animals.

February 13, 2018 8:00 am